Red Lotus Bali Property based in Ubud is a professional agency offering comprehensive services in land and property acquisitions on the island of Bali. Our vision is to alleviate the complexities that are often faced by foreigners when attempting to secure prospective investments deals.

Our business strength is based on the personalised level of service that we offer our clients. We understand their needs, help them realise their dreams and are readily available to handle the realities and after care necessities of choosing to live or build in Bali.

House & Villa For Sale

Click this page to get further info regarding the houses and villas. Available for sale at Red Lotus Property, we have a complete updated list of houses and villas ready for sale.

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House & Villa For Rent

We could also assist you to find a perfect villa accommodation for your short time visit to Bali. Some luxury villas are listed under our management and rentals department. Visit this page to get further details about the rentals.

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Land For Sale

Having a land with remarkable view also can be a reality in Bali for you since. Red Lotus does provide you with a list of lands available for sale in Bali. If you have a plan to possess lands in this paradise island, visit this page to get the further insight.

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Land For Lease

If you think of staying short time in Bali but still having a plan to possess lands. Short time as well, there is also a list of lands available for lease at Red Lotus. Enter this page to get further details.

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Villa Management

If you have villas in Bali but you are getting confused of how to manage the properties. We also provide the villa management service. We will make sure your properties very well managed as if they were our own.

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