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Bali Harmony

“Harmony” means a pleasing combination in a whole, like the five elements of this world are combined in an amazingly harmonious package within this beautiful villa complex known as this Harmony. This villa is situated in Lodtunduh Village, just around 8-10 minutes driving from the centre of culturally renowned town of Ubud. Surrounded by the rice paddies field, this villa offers five well equipped bedrooms that pamper you with its luxury during your stay there and we are sure that your stay will be the most unforgettable one.

Starting from the first one named Villa Budi, this villa has two bedrooms both with double beds. The bedroom in this villa has the most remarkable view of the rice paddies fields that stretch out widely in front of the room, when you open the bedroom’s wide clear sliding glass door; you will see the rice paddies field just only one step before you. This villa is well equipped with some facilities such as the ceiling fans, the owners decided not to install the AC to make it more eco-friendly, and due to being located very close to the rice fields, it allows the fresh breeze blowing to the rooms of each villa, and this is even more natural and healthier. In addition, the room is also completed with the bathtub and all the lights are the LED lights that are known as the efficient energy consumers. There is also one TV and DVD facility in each villa, besides each villa also has safety box and well equipped own kitchen.

The second villa within this complex is the one named “amour” or “asmara” in Indonesian. This villa only has one bedroom equipped with the deck facing directly to the rice paddies field, a small living and dining area as well as a small fully equipped kitchen. The name was chosen since this villa is specially designed for those who have their sweet honeymoon in Ubud – Bali, the bed provided is the double bed that makes your sleep gets the absolute comfort. The villa also has its own TV and DVD as well as the safety box. The bathroom itself is equipped with the shower only, and it also has the big enough wardrobe. Proceeding to the centre of the complex, there is the villa named “Jiwa” or “soul” in English. Named “jiwa” since this one is precisely situated in the centre of the whole complex and this villa is equipped with the TV and DVD, the wardrobe, double bed and the bathroom with the shower. However, this villa does not have the kitchen.

The fourth one is named “Jantung” or the “heart” of the complex. This villa is built next to the one named “soul” with the reason that actually the “soul” and the “heart” are always closely related. The “Jantung” villa is supplied with a number of facilities such as the wide deck facing directly to the pool and the garden, a small kitchen, a double bed with TV and DVD as well as the safety box. There is also a bathroom with its shower. Moving to the one situated at the corner of the complex, the fifth property named Sungai Villa, this villa has 2 bedrooms with some facilities as safety box, bathroom with the shower and bathtub. There will be no enough paper page to express and describe how the villa looks and feels like, to feel the harmony of the five elements blend in within this villa complex directly, better you come and stay then you will understand why the name was chosen.




Code :

Villa Bali Harmony

Location :

Br.Abiansemal,Lodtunduh - Ubud

Description :

Daily rentals - 7 Bedrooms ( 5 separate villas each with 1-2 bedrooms )

Rate :

Starts from USD$ 79 / Villa / Night

Rate detail :

Budi :

  • Low season  USD$ 175 ++
  • High season USD$ 199 ++

Sungai :

  • Low season  USD$ 152 ++
  • High season USD$ 184 ++

Jantung :

  • Low season  USD$ 98 ++
  • High season USD$ 125 ++

Jiwa :

  • Low season  USD$ 79 ++
  • High season USD$ 99 ++

Asmara :

  • Low season  USD$ 99 ++
  • High season USD$ 133 ++
Rate Inclusions :


View :

Rice Paddies,Tropical Trees

Total Area :

1000 Sqm ( 10 are )

Swimming pool :


Air conditioner :


Internet :

Yes, Wi-Fi available

Facilities :
  • LCD TV
  • Internet
  • Sharing Pool
  • Kitchen
Food and Beverage :

Grocery Shopping

Minimum stay requirements :

2 Nights

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