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In addition to providing a broad scope of property services, Red Lotus also manages a wide range of villas in Bali. We focus on diversity and represent all kinds of villa categories from luxury estates to high-end travelers to standard properties that appeal to the average guests with typical holiday budget. Red Lotus is all about variety and serves the needs of visitors from all walks of life.

Benefits for Villa Owners

Red Lotus is a Balinese owned company based in Ubud and managed by a local team with a solid understanding of the island and the growing hospitality industry. We have established strong relationships with all the necessary government agencies and community leaders. Red Lotus upholds integrity by maintaining a transparent business practices with the interests of the owner of the villa in mind at all times.

The villas managed under the Red Lotus are professionally operated and marketed by experts. We carefully consider staffing and hiring those only with skills, positive attitude and ability to learn.

We are responsible for how the villa is run on the daily basis. It involves supervising maintenance, implementing standard operating procedures; optimizing booking and assuming financial responsibility.

The overseas based villa owners can be sure that their villas are being managed professionally. We are open to any owner advices or inputs. Detailed reports related to orders, marketing strategies and revenue are provided to the owners on a regular basis.

Benefits for Rental Agents

Red Lotus represents diversity in the choice of Bali villas that are currently available on the rental market. Our aim is to anticipate the needs of travellers with various villa options that range from top-notch luxury to simple home-style comforts. Every guest has the right to experience villa accommodation no matter what their budget entails.

Red Lotus provides Rental Agents with complete villa listing details, flexible pricing, payment and fee systems as well as reasonable terms and conditions to ensure mutually convenient business dealings.

We always welcome the opportunity to arrange site inspections for Rental Agents and provide any additional information required that will improve the marketing potential of our villas.

Agents seeking to list Red Lotus villas are guaranteed the variety needed to suit every type of guest. Our range of managed villa properties in Bali is comprehensive. We have villas ideal for couples, honeymooners, families, groups, seniors, executive and just about anyone seeking to escape the monotony of mainstream hotel accommodation.

Benefits for Clients

The sense of privacy and freedom associated with staying in a villa in Bali goes beyond anything that is offered by the hotel industry. Clients can experience Bali from a villa whilst still enjoying all the comforts and conveniences of home. Every stay revolves around a different range of needs and a team of service staff is on hand to ensure that these are taken care of.

Red Lotus represents an extensive choice of villas in Bali ranging from exclusive retreats in scenic locations to standard bungalow settings filled with rustic charm. Each villa is distinctive and has its own unique appeal. We realise that every guest has different expectations; however, we aim to satisfy with villas that appeal to specific preferences in terms of style, size, location and budget.

Our villas are well maintained and serviced daily by dedicated staff members. All requests are fulfilled graciously whether it is arranging a traditional spa treatment, organising a sightseeing excursion or preparing a favourite dish for dinner – just ask and we will deliver!


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