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Janger Dance Performance in Ubud, Bali

Janger dance is one of many dance perform in Ubud, Bali. With cultural centres hosting these dances almost daily, especially the massive Janger dance. Ubud has been very famous for being the main place of art and culture of Bali. Ubud habit has been be affected by this culture and arts daily e.g. from Hinduism offerings, artworks, Balinese food until some traditional performances such as dances, traditional dramas, usually we call it Arja, Balinese music or gambelan, etc. Many tourists visit Ubud from various different countries simply attracted by the uniquely enchanting arts and cultures that Ubud has which they cannot find anywhere else. Those things are the Ubud memorable treasures to have and feel what brings life to Ubud.

Janger Dance at Balerung Stage

Dancing performances as what Ubud has been famous for has been also preserved and maintained for decades by the young generations to regularly organizing shows both in Ubud and Peliatan Palaces. Peliatan as part of the Ubud District has also some stages where traditional dances are often performed to either tourists or locals, one of which is well known as Balerung Stage where the people of Peliatan, Ubud often organize and arrange Balinese Dancing Performances to keep these cultural heritages of the past alive. This Dance has simple movement but full of joy. The Janger dance is one of Bali’s unique dances created in the 1930s with gamelan meaning of Balinese traditional music or gender wayang instruments playing in the background, Janger is danced by 10 pairs of young men and women.

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The group of women is called Janger, while the men are called Kecak. They would alternately dance together and singing the Janger song. It is believed that the Janger dance was started by women farmers, who sang joyously in groups as a way to entertain themselves and relieve their exhaustion from a long day of fieldwork. This developed into a dance and became a means to meet young men from other villages. The dance is formed in a square, accompanied by the geguntangan orchestra; the young men sit cross-legged performing intricate hand movement derived from the Pencak silat (the traditional martial art) movements.

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The young women would kneel, singing the janger song while making weaving patterns with their arms and hands. Janger is categorized as the Bali-balihan dance, a dance that is performed for entertainment purposes or to enliven ceremonies. If you wish to watch this dancing performance, you can either come to Peliatan Ubud for the classical Peliatan style,or Contact us when you are in Ubud, since this dance can be found anywhere in either Ubud or Bali generally, each with its own style and variation.