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Red Lotus with Trash Hero

Changes World from little things

“Paradise” of the tourism sector which is the main job of the Island of Gods people is threatened by the existence of plastic waste. To deal with that, Wayan Koster as the Governor of Bali issued Governor Regulation No. 97 of 2018 concerning Restrictions on Plastic used.  In the Bali Governor’s Regulation, there are three materials that are prohibited from being used, namely plastic bags, styrofoam, and plastic straws and also try to avoid garbage disposal plastic to the Environment because it will directly damage the ecosystem.

To make this program work, on Saturday, 21st September 2019, Red Lotus Property team joining with Trash Hero together in greatest movement in history to cleanse the world. Red Lotus Property Team not only join the movement in Ubud but also scattered in several regions in Gianyar. Equipment that needs to be brought is bags for trash, cloth gloves, trash tongs, and personal drinking water bottles or usually we call it tumbler. It’s very important to reduce plastic waste. This activity also invites schools, hotels and restaurants in Ubud. Red Lotus Property team interested in participating in this activity considering the importance of cleanliness in the Ubud area, which famous for clean tourism areas.

Red Lotus Team Joining World Clean Up Day

Besides being beneficial to the environment, the volunteers also had the opportunity to meet new people, enjoy a clean-up experience in the public environment and communicate directly with the surrounding community. The knowledge and experience we gained while attending this event could be a milestone to encourage people around to be wiser in loving the environment.

Red Lotus Team Joining World Clean Up Day

Trash Hero program could be successful if we start from little thing such as try to reduce straw, not using plastic bag after purchasing in every mini market, and using tumbler instead of bottle. Do little things for a big thing. This movement done every week in Ubud. This activity is carried out starting from cleaning trash on the side of the road along Ubud, Astina Ubud field, Ubud market up to Campuhan Bridge. After all the rubbish was collected, volunteers returned to the meeting point and gather the garbage they got. Afterward, it will be taken to landfill.

Red Lotus Team Joining World Clean Up Day