SL 016

The number of foreign visitors to Ubud is projected to return to pre-pandemic numbers no later than 2023. Historically normal tourism to Ubud is over per year. The property is currently vacant. The lease for sale runs for 10 years with the right to extend for an additional 10 years. Purchaser will have full rights to renovate space to fit needs. Purchaser can sublease all or part of the property. A location well known for many thing and with the rising of its attractiveness from both tourist and entrepreneur. It is the perfect location to pursue and operate a business.

  • Specification
    Location : Jalan Raya Ubud
    Titled : Leasehold
    Leased Period : Runs for 10 + Extend for another 10 years
    Price : IDR 270 Million / Year
    Land size : 176.6 Sqm
    Bldg size : Ground Floor
    Floor : 2 Floors
    Air Conditioner : New installation on ground floor
    Electricity : Wiring is capacity (18.000 Watts) ground and second floor
    Water system : Natural well water supply, double water pump, water tower and tank
    Roof : New bamboo under roof
    Drainage & Waterproofing : Full drainage system with interior waterproofing
    Road access : Public
    Parking : Available for motor scooter parking (approximately 20-25)
    Features :
    Balcony : second floor includes balcony overlooking Jalan Raya Ubud
    Gas : Adjustable Fixed gas installation
    Glass Wall : Full front glass fa├žade facing street on ground floor
    Kitchen : New waterproof flooring, waterproof & antiseptic tiling and grouting, sub ceiling, metal doors, waterproof electrical outlets
    Toilets : Three newly built toilets with ceiling exhaust fans